1 lakh Engineering didn’t filled

After counseling 1,00,000 seats are filled, In this academic year 2016 as 1,00,000 polytechnic and Engineering seats are no intake. 57% in Self-financing  Engineering colleges and  48% private polytechnic colleges were only filled. 1.31 lakh application dropped around, more students are place but job opportunity is less in engineering. In this situation part time courses are permit to shift time. 12 colleges offer shifting system. The free uniform and laptop provides for students continue the higher education. Students only need good teachers, basic degree have more opportunity so more students choose Arts and Science colleges.

The focus to improve the quality of faculty and solution for unemployment is also for engineering graduates.the autonomous colleges design curriculum aligned industry requirement and students are also trained for job marketing, lower colleges do not happy. Hence Anna university is an established institution exam pattern and curriculum are also hard, autonomous make exam favourable for students to get job.


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