It is sports played by the 2 teams, Each team has 5 members.

The basketball court is rectangular in shape, Each end is 45cm dia net monted on the backboard above 3 meter. The team score the goal by shoot the ball through the basket.

The player shoot the ball from  behind the three point line and free throws

When the match is tie addition time is issued

There are some techniques for ball handling like dribbling, passing, rebounding, shooting.

The international game regulation is 28meter long 15 meter wide. Most of the courts have wood flooring.

White outline box is 46cm high and 61cm wide.

The size of ball as per regulation for women official basketball is 72cm circumference and size is 6, weight 567 grams.

For men official basketball is 75cm circumference and size is 7, weight is 623.69grams.

3 x 3 game is mixed with circumference of 72cm and weight of 623.69grams


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