Battery operated cycle in Exhibition






1 hour of pedaling at 10 to 15 km/ hour will charging the battery.

Student create an innovative cycle, they are from Aruppukkottai School. Students are operated cycle at an exhibition which starts at Sethu Engineering College in Pulloor on yesterday.

This new type cycle can be operated through battery, by using kinetic energy generated by pedaling.

Two day science exhibition for school students starts at Sethu Institute of Technology on yesterday.

Ajay Vishal & G.S.Rajesh from Sri Sowdamika Convent Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Aruppukkottai, they were designed this cycle.this project take completedfor 1& ½ years.

The simple setup involves a components connected to front wheel that is work converted to Kinetic energy to power energy.

The lithium-ion battery attached with the carrier.Once fully charged the ride up to 30 km without pedaling the cycle.

This idea was save fuel, better for exercise the people.

A multi-purpose solar operated vehicle designed by students of Velammal Vidyalaya School from Madurai. It was help to farmers & burglary alarm system by using motion capture technique with a camera was other items that drew wide attention in the Exhibition.

Which had students from around 60 schools exhibiting the projects? Exhibition coordinator D.Lakshmanaraj, this year we have introduce prizes for more categories, A total of 63 prizes money of up to Rs.3500 for team.

Chairman of SIT will distribute the prizes  & Devupattinam Hajia Fatima rolling trophy to best performance.



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