Benefits or use of mango

Alkali in  the body

Tartaric acid, malic acid and citric acid in fruit to maintain the alkali in the body.

Clear skin

It is used for internal and external skin cleaning, it clear the pores and neglect the pimples.


Mango leaves help to normalize the insulin levels in the blood, it  maintains the sugar level in the body.


The fiber also in Mangos which is help to improve digestion problem.

Eye power

One bowl of mango slice supply vitamin A, which provide good vision power for eye, protect from night blindness and dry eyes.

Improve immune power

The Vitamin C and Vitamin A in mangos is maintain your immune power strong and healthy.

Lower cholesterol

High level Fiber and vitamin C is maintain the lower level cholesterol.

Prevent Cancer

Mango is an antioxidant compound fruit to protect against cancer.


Mango contains vitamin E and get a healthy energy for sex drive.


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