Carrom Tips

Carrom or Karrom is a game had played through out india and South East Asia, this game consist of many rules.

The main objective of is game is to use striker, fine powder for use sliding coins, the stricker is used to to hit the coins, the coins are moved into the four pockets.

The aim of the game is hit the coins to pocket and queen before hit the opponent player.

The game Equipments

This game is played on the board, that board made of plywood, Edge of the plywood are bumper of wood the the pocket is covered by net.

A Board is square smooth flat, it is 72cm2 or 74 cm2 . which is 60cm to 70cm above the ground level placed on table. The pocket is 51mm diameter in each corner, then the diagonal drawn on the board, diagonal is foul line. Each side the boards have two parallel lines on the edge of the board. The parallel line end by a red circles of 3.8cm diameter. This parallel line with red circle is called baseline, striker must played at baseline.consist 9 black coins and 9 white coinsand red coin is called queen.

The striker made of bone or ivory, some boards used chalk powder or other lubricants for easy sliding.


The player allowed to break or disturb the center of the group coins in three attempts

The striker hit no coins next chance to hit retrieves it

Commit foul line turn finished.

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