Fishes are gradually decrease in amount in Adyar Ecopark






All of animals improving diversity in the Adyar Ecopark, the amount of fishes are decreased & the birds also begin to decrease after increasing fromm 88 to 100 in year of 2013-2014

Crabs, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Amphibians, reptiles and mammals are increasing. According to information collected from the Municipal Administration Minister on the demand of the department. The amount of fishes are decreased from 27 to 06 on 2011 to still today.

The fishes affected by the pollution, now the native of fish only have 6 fishes during difficult stage. The fungas & plant did not native location.

Anyone Decrease has nothing to do for pollution. The harmful species had led to reduce of enduring fish species. Point to challenge the river by interlinking project across the country. The reduction of fishes in Adyar Ecopark will lead to loss of species in many river.



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