Global Finalists at Google Science Fair






2 Indian among global finalists at Google science Fair, the Google science Fair is a global online science & technology competition for individuals and teams from 13 to 18 year aged students.

2 Indians & 4 other are among in the 16 global finalists for 6th annual Google Science Fair 2016 USD 50,000 scholarship for compete.

Fatima (age 15) from Sadhu Vaswani International School in Hyderabad has developed a control system to provide automatic water management system which controls the operation of the gates at the main reservoir & supply at irrigation canals.

Shriank (age 15) from National Public School, Indiranagar in Bangalore. She has developed Keep Tab which is a wearable-device that uses a cloud-based deep-learning framework to aid human-memory recall the location on day by day objects.

Anika Cheerla (age 14), Anushka Naiknaware (age 13), Nikihl Gopal (age 15) & Nishita Belur (age 13) are in the lists.

Gopal (age 15) from New Jersey was chosen as a finalist for Point of Care Testing for Malaria by using smartphone & Microfluidic.

Cheerla from California for selected Automated Prediction of Future Breast Cancer Occurrence from non-cancerous Mammograms.

Anushka from Portland, she made Fractal Inspired Chitosan & Carbon Nanoparticle Based Biocompatible Sensor for Wound Management.

Nishita from California for Detection of metal surface defects by using laser light reflection.

Google Science Fair declared the Communnity Impact Award Winner for developing hand held terminal to enhance the safety of fishermen & productivity by using standard Position Services.





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