Green Energy Produced Cars

Audi e diesel is a Sustainable Car.

The car run from synthetic fuel , this fuel made by water, carbon di oxide and renewable energy sources. The creation of fuel is a big process for sustainable transport.

Creation of fuel , which is a blue crude. first heating water to 800°c to piston a high temperature electrosis to break down the steam container  to hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen react with CO2 under pressure and gain blue crude liquid fuel.  Produced power exclusively by green energy  such as wind and is also called carbon neutral fuel.

It’s cost based on electricity 16% per kwh.

Audi e Diesel varieties

Audi Q7

Audi Q7 35 TDI Quattro Premium
Rs. 77,91,490






Audi Q7 35 TDI Quattro Premium Plus
Rs. 84,53,970








Audi Q7 35 TDI Quattro Technology Pack
Rs. 96,40,999



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