Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park







It consist of 21 small island in indian ocean, The area between Rameshwaram to Tuticorin. The core area which is the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve & the first marine biosphere in south east Asia, also known as Rama’s Bridge. There are about 5 genusesof mangroves which are Rizophora, Avocennia, Brugiera, Ceriops and Luminitzera. There 12 species in sea grass and 147 species in sea weed in the entire zone. It includes bottle nosed dolphins, fineless dolphins, seahorses, pearl oysters, barracuda, worms, spinner dolphins and common dolphins. This makes the park differenced fish habitat in india. There are ornamental fish species like the butterfly fish, parrot fish, clown fish, squirrel fish, snappers and sergeant majors.



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