Health Benefits of Dates

Improve Digestion

Dates consist of bunch of soluble fibers.  Soluble fiber is essential for good digestion; the potassium found in dates can also treat stomach related problems. They are digestive tract balancer (brown color foods are always great for digestion), dates also strengthen good bacteria in the stomach.

Prevent & Cure Anemia or Improve Hemoglobin

It has high mineral content, which is benefit for many health conditions. Level of iron make perfect supplement for suffered from anemia. The high level of iron balance in anemic patients, increase energy & strength them decrease fatigue & sluggishness.

Bone & health Strength

Date contains magnesium, manganese and selenium. Selenium prevent Cancer, these minerals are keep bones and health strength. Keep bones as strong by adding dates to diet.

Abdominal Cancer

Dates are reduce the risk & impact of abdominal cancer. They work better than traditional medicines; it did not have negative side effects.

Improve Energy

Dates are high in natural sugar like glucose, fructose and sucrose. It is the perfect snacks for immediate burst energy. They can use for quick boost of energy. It also carries nutritional values.

Sex Advantage

It increase sexual stamina, it is used as aphrodisiac since ages. Dates have to be soak overnight in goat milk and consume next day morning, this process improve sexual energy.

Constipation control

Date as a laxative food, frequently eaten by people for constipation problem. Soak the date in water overnight then eat the soaked dates in morning like syrup to get optimal result. The soluble fibers improve healthy bowel movements & control constipation problem.

Gain Weight

It is good supplement for gain weight, it also used for detoxifying the body after over consumption of alcohol.

Healthy heart

It keeps healthy heart. When they are soaked overnight, blend it in morning then consume, they have positive effect on weak hearts. Source of high potassium, which is reduce the stroke & heart related reduces level of low density lipoprotein cholesterol in the body. Which is major factor for heart attack, heart disease and improves the overall health of heart.

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