Health Uses of GINGER

Immunity Power

The immune system is weak in the body, the diet play strong role in strengthening or weakening the immune system. Ginger make clean the lymphatic system, washout the toxins and kill bacteria.

Digestion problem

Ginger relieving the discomfortable & pain in stomach, it is a relieving drug. It negotiate the extra gas & digestive problem. Severe pain in abdomen & indigestion respond to act well.

Nausea & Sickness

The nausea & sickness occur from viral infection, food poisoning, milk allergy, motion problem, over eating or over feeding, cough, blocked intestines & high fever. Use ginger to relieve the sickness & nausea.

Pain Killer

Ginger is act as a Pain Killer. It is similar to pain reliever (Capsaicin) & Vanillod receptors (gingerol). It is located on sensory nerve affects the pain directly & relieve inflammation.


Ginger helping to regulate an immune system. Reduce inflammation in the intestines when taken in supplement form.

Heart & Cancer related Solution of Ginger

Heartburn is the main symptom of acid flow or GERD flow disease. Drink Giner tea for heartburning. It prevents LES & block acid, the harmful bacteria helicobacterpylori link with acid flow. Ginger kills the harmful bacteria & reduce heartbur.

3 weekly feeding of gingerol delayed the growth of cancer cells, confirmed the result with ovarian cancer growth delayed cells.



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