How to attend face to face interview

Face to face interview more advantages than telephone interview, candidates have more opportunities to impress the interviewer with their clothing, mannerisms & facial expressions.

Candidates must follow the tips

Prepared for interview

The day before your interview, spend some time re-evaluating all the roles you have held & the respective activities you have performed.

it is natural to have lost some activities from our memory banks as we move up the ladder.

You must plan to quit your present job & intend to join a new organization. You must have a strong reason because a sturdy response is crucial to this question.

Resume must be printed on single side of the white paper, if you have multiple pages, staple it.

Do not prepare a single copy of your resume, prepare at least 3 copies.

You might face a panel of interviewers and there is always a possibility of your resume crumple during handling.

Wear light colored professional dress, not a color shirts, you can wear a suits.

Be at interview facility on time, do not arrive too early.

Greet the interviewer with firm handshake, you do not break his bones; keep a smile on your face.

During interview you would follow simple steps






Style of speech

Physical mannerism

A definite question that the interviewers ask you through your resume or introduction/ Detail about you, start from your current job & go back like experience, qualification.

During interview remember to highlight your strong strength, speak about your achievement.

I have never been a big fan of small talk while I Interview people. Interviewers are pressed for time. Listen the interviewers word, your answer must be in line , not a paramount.when interviewer speaking you must keep quit until expect your talk.

Maintain positive thought through your conversation, stay in control  & must show to interested to you aim.

Never be to bring up compensation & benefit during an interview, at the end of the interview you must inquisitive the next step, you can ask something like,  can I expect  that HR get in touch with me?



It is important for before each interview, Provide detailed information about the client & the available position.

Conduct your research about the company.

Review your accomplishments, skills and experience.

Prepare to explain your career & aim.



Impression is made within the moment of an interview.  To make a positive thought. Initial impressions are made within the first minute of an interview. To make a positive first impression:

Be immaculate your appearance

Wear professional cloths

Greet with firm handshake.

Provide fresh photocopies of yoiur resume to the interviewer

Maintain good eye contact throughout the interview.


Specify Strengths / Skills

In which the interviewer determines your strengths & weakness.

Specify the strengths of your individual qualities as well as ability to work on team projects by giving examples of each.

Address the interviewer’s concerns sincerely & share a self improvement plan.



Be confident but not egotistical, Answer interviewer’s questions full & detail. Prepare answer to anticipated questions about your experience & interests.

Conclusion of interview

The end of the interview you ask questions about topics such as responsibilities, expectations, and training, support, evaluation and company goals.

Ask the next steps of hiring process & say thanks after in terview.

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