How to check PF balance Methods

As an employee whose provident gets deducted every month it is now not required to wait till the end of the year for the statement of your Employee Provident Fund provided by your employer. As a member of Employee’ Provident Fund Organisation it is very easy to check PF balance statement anytime through online through app, EPFO portal, SMS or even as simple as giving a missed call.

Below are 4 different ways to check PF balance

1. Using EPFO portal

Alternative to the unified PF portal, employees can now be able to access their Provident Fund statement on a different website managed by the EPFO. The unified portal is still a valid site to be used for any PF transfers.

It is necessary that your account has been tagged with the unique Universal Account Number (UAN). If it is done then it is very simple to download or print your statement from the website.

Step 1 The statement can be downloaded from the website

Step 2 Go to ‘For Employees’ under ‘Our Services’

Step 3 Click on ‘Member Passbook’ under ‘Services’

Also, you can directly go to the page –


Again, it is mandatory that the UAN is activated by the employer to access the statement. This facility is available only to members who are not exempted under the EPF scheme of 1952.

2. By sending an SMS

You can also check PF balance over an SMS. If your unique UAN numberhas been registered with EPFO, you can get details of your latest statement and the Provident Fund balance by sending an SMS text as “EPFOHO UANENG” to 7738299899 where ENG is the first three characters of the preferred language. So, if you want to receive the message in Hindi, then type in EPFOHO UAN HIN.

This SMS facility is available in Hindi,Tamil, Punjabi, Malayalam,English, Marathi,Telugu, Gujarati, Kannada and Bengali. EPFO can only send details of members available with it. So, make sure your UAN is seeded with your bank account, Aadhaar and PAN, else ask your employer to seed them for you.


3. By giving a missed call

Now a missed call to 011-22901406 from your registered mobile number can provide you the current statement of your PF account provided your UAN and the registered mobile number is seeded to the UAN portal and your UAN is having a registered valid account number, Aadhar Number and PAN. You can ask your Employer to do so if it is not already done.

4. By using the EPFO app

You can download the m-sewa app of EPFO and then navigate to “Member” and then to “BalancePassbook”. You can provide the details of the UAN number and registered mobile number to get the updated EPF statement.

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