How to get bride glow for marriage function

Marriage is a special occasion, Bride and groom are the important person of marriage.All eyes are watching these 2 persons. While may be preparing in advance.the day goes on smooth and get a face glow before marriage.most brides concerns is getting the perfect makeup and lookin this day.

Get Hydration

First you have clean and glowing skin make plenty of water. The body hydration is important factor to get glow. You have eat more watermelon, grapefruits, lettuce and broccoli is a great source of hydration.

Start peparing for your skin glow

Your skin make some time ready, at least one or two month before this function. Take healthy and natural diet to get glower skin.

Apply Facials

For brides in her 20 age get acnes and blackspots from the sun, so do deep cleaning facialsonce a month get smooth and soft fairer skin.


You have cross 25, your skin need regular exfoliate to improve the texture of your skin.


Your good vitamin increase metabolic efficiency improve heart health that great for eyes, brains, skin and overall health.


Apply a good moisturizer twice a day Overall body for improve your skin glow.


Sleep night in 8 hours every day, sleep well is work on the skin glow.

Clean Makeup brushes

There will be own make up and hair, make up brushes to avoid any bacteria on your skin. Wash them with shampoo and air dry with the bristles.

home made face pack

Facial mask to improve difficult for skin, Mix gram flour, pinch of turmeric powder, few drops lime juice, ½ tsp each of olive oil and milk. Apply the face on ½ hour and wash.

Power food for glow skin

Pista help to improve fair hair

Cinnamon improve blood circulation

Turmeric heals sun damages from skin

Beetroot for healthy skin

Brown rice regulate sugar level

Garlic act as a anti infection for skin.

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