NASA’s Space Launch System rocket is designed to flexible & capacity to meet a variety of crew & cargo mission needs, the investigation upper stage (EUS) planned for future configurations, the rocket will require a new adapter to connect to the Orion craft.

A universal stage adapter will meet that need, NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland will lead the design & development of the adapter on behalf of the SLS program. They plan to issue a request for proposal for the acquisition of the first universal stage adapter later this year.

The universal stage adapter will use the art materials to reduce the weight & increase the capacity, Universal stage adapter sub element . We drew on our expertise in large space flight structures and the help of a team of Engineers at Langley research center in Hampton, create a conceptual design of the adapter.

A conical shaped barrel, the new adapter will be 27.6 feet in diameter at its largest point & 32.4 feet long. It will provide environmental control to payloads during ground operations, launch & ascent, it will provide electrical & communication paths between SLS’s EUS & Orion.

Which will powered by four engines ( RL10-C3), SLS will becapable of lifting more than 105 metric tons (2,31,000 pounds) from the Earth.the universal adapter will bbe capable of carrying large co-manifested payloads, such as a habitat. To protect and deploy those payloads, the design incorporates systems to control temperature, migigate noise & rlease the payload.

The 2nd configuration of SLS as Block 1B will be the workhorse of the proving ground phase of journey to Mars.the rocket will carry crew & investigation systems 10(1000 miles) beyond the moon to demo new capabilities that will enable us to then move outward toward the Mars.

The proving ground in the area of space will send the early missions of Orion & SLS, which is 40,000 miles beyond the moon. It was 3 to 5 days away from the earth. Expertise design to leadership of the universal stage adapter development.



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