500 gms. khoya (mawa)

300 gms. sugar

3 drops colour as required

8 to 10 pistas sliced

1/2 tsp. cardamom powder

cookie mould

Method :

Grate khoya. Powder sugar . Mix together in a skillet.

Heat on low flame , stiring continously.

Cook till mixture thickens . It should form a very soft lump.

Cool for 10 minutes. Add cardamom powder & colour. Mix well.

Take a small fistful of mixture. Form a ball. Press into the cookie mould.

Turn out carefully. Press 2-3 slices of pista on the centre.

Repeat for remaining mixture.

Note on khoya.

Khoya is available in most Indian sweetmeat stores anywhere.

Making at home consumes time but isn’t that difficult.

Boil milk on high flame in a large heavy saucepan till water evaporates ,

leaving a soft lump. Stir frequently while cooking.

OR Substitute with 1 tin (400 gms.) condensed milk and 1 cup milk.

Lessen sugar by 1/2. Boil till a soft lump is formed. Stir continuously while cooking.

Serves: 36 pieces

Time required: 1/2 hr.

Shelf Life: 15 days (refrigerated)

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