Save the Birds






Birds Injured by Kite ( Maanja).

The Jain Temple Charitable Bird Hospital, opposite the historic Red fort, has been under tremendous strain for last 3 days. Many birds were injured maanja were treated at hospital.

 In this week ends with the number across to 1,000. Maanja are the strings of kite that have glass shreds or nylon made. They are popular. It did not cut easily & fly higher. This is a terrifying scenario.   

It is responsible for crushing & killing the birds in yearly.  The glass maanja get difficult to escape the birds around the trees & where ever. The injuries are mostly related to wings & range from fractures ligament and muscle separation & complete amputation of the wing. The project aims to reduce the amount of bird injured due to maanja festival in India.

Maanja does not break, it cut through feather, flesh & bones.the professional rescue of bird works at 24 x 7, it difficult to give each bird care & attention. The project aims to create the recuers network over the city.

Create awareness with school students, maanja vendors & clubs, it is very harmful.

Resist the availability of maanja. Save the birds from string injury & death.


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