Sri Krishna

Krishna is a Hindu goddess. He is regarded as one of the incarnations of Vaishnavas. He is regarded as the eighth incarnation of the sphere. He is mentioned in the Mahabharata and Bhagavata Purana. Most of his devotees are Hindu devotees. The Tamils ​​call him Kannan and the North Indian Kanniya. In addition, Kesavan, Govinda, Gopalan, etc. are given by many names. Year of Avan Dhathi, anniversary celebration of the year, is celebrated as Lord Krishna Jayanti.

Krishna’s stories are widespread in Hinduism. They portray him in different angles. A god is a child, a mischievous, and a predecessor lover in many ways. The notes on him are in the books of Mahabharata, Aryan Vamsam, Bhagavata Purana and Vishnu Purana.

Krishna worship is known as Bal Krishna or Gopalan at the beginning of the 4th century. Kannan (Thirumal) is a celestial in the 2nd century AD. However, in the middle of the 10th century, the worship of Lord Krishna reached the peak of the devotional movement. Jivannathar in Orissa, Vidhala in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Guruvayurappan in Kerala, Dwarka, Dwarkadasheer, Padrinthar in Himalayas are worshiped in various forms. 

Names and nicknames

The word krutinan means kariyan and beautiful eyes. Kritiunan is known as the color palette and the name is called. The term is sometimes translated as “attractive”.

Kritian has different names and attributes. Among them are Mohan, meaning “the feminine lady”, meaning “finder of cows”, and Gobalan, meaning “guardian of cows”.

More bishops and cows are preserved from the earliest of the Govardhana hill as the umbrella of Govardhan, Gokulan grown in Gokhale, Radha krishnan as the lover in the night and the Vasudeva – Devaki is born as Vasudevan is celebrated by Krishna. With the help of the great Kandalin the history of knowing Kannan her husband. In the Thiruvarangal, she was in the house with the eyes of the lady. The invisible coins are called Manivannan.

Story of Krishnan

Krustinan was born in Mathura’s jail as the eighth child of Devaki Prakash. To save Kṛṣṇa from the mother of the cruel King Krishnan, Krishnar was born on the day of Krishna’s birthday, he handed the Yadavas Yadav, the Yadavas, the Yadavas who lived in Gokulam, near the river Yamuna.
Gokulam was raised by Nandakopar – Yasodha of the Yadavs. Later Gokulam residents moved to Brindavan. Kuttikanan was a baby boy of the Brahmin who spent time in the lavish steam, cow shepherd, playing with friends, stealing butter and stealing. Furthermore, it is said that Indira Gopalana was saved by the umbrella of the Govardhana hill when he made heavy rains to destroy them and restrained Kallingan, who was on the banks of Yamuna.

According to Akruar’s request, Balaraman and Krishna went to Mathura and destroyed his uncle Kamsan and transferred his mother to grandfather Echakarsan, living in Gokulam with the inhabitants of Gokulam, creating a new city called Dwarka near the coast of Saurashtra. The Sangakkara period tells the story of Kapilar Kuru (Dwarka).

At the younger age, the women in Brindavan’s mind took the place. One of them was in love with Radha.

When he reached the age of adulthood, Mathura went to Balamaram, defeated Kamas and handed over the kingdom to his grandfather, Ugrasena. With his aunt’s sons, Pandavas, especially with Arjuna. Later he established a new city called Dwarka and migrated to Madura Family
Krishna had a total of 16,008 wives.

Among them were the eight wives who were known as the Amnesty. They are Rukmini, Sathyabama, Jambavathi, Nagnasi, Kalindi, Tamarind, Target, and Pillar. And 16,000 others were his native wives who were all forcefully forced into Narasu’s house.

Krishna was married to Krishna after the murder of Narakasura and their families refused to accept them. They built a new palace and stopped them in a respectful place. However, he has no connection with other than his eight wives

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