As we know that there are a lots of firms selling health insurance policies in India , choosing the appropriate one can really become a difficult task . Apart from a lot of plans to choose from intimidating jargons which otherwise called as policy wordings add to the confusion.

So let us look for those 10 most important things which affect us a lot regarding a health insurance .

(1) Claim process:- The simpler the claims process and the faster the settlement of the claims , better it is for the insured . So the claims process and the settlement are important factors when it comes to the selection of a policy .

(2) Hospitals in Network :- As we know we don’t have cash always with us . So at the time of medical emergency we look for cashless hospital in network . A cashless hospital provides a sense of security in times of no cash.

(3) Maternity Benefits :- These days pregnancy costs are increasing exponentially. It is important for women to buy a plan that offers maternity benefits. In this one should look in to the waiting periods applicable for claiming maternity expenses and consider the sub limit . The policy should also cover outpatient expenses.

(4) Renewal for lifetime :- One should look for those policies which offer life time renewability. When one gets old there are more and more chances of getting diseases.

(5) Cumulative Bonus:- Insurance companies offer a cumulative bonus when insurer does not make a claim in the previous policy year. One can accumulate this bonus year after year. The bonus is increase in the sum insured or discount on the premium payable , or a combination of both .

(6) Waiting period:- Most insurers have a waiting period for pre existing diseases. The period can range from two to five year and differs from one insurer to another . You need to keep that number in mind while buying a health plan. A good way is to buy a health insurance plan in your youth , there is a statistically less chance of your filing a claim and you can clear the waiting period with ease.

(7) Combo plans for family :- When purchasing a health insurance we should also look for family plans. Sometimes it is cheaper and more comprehensive to buy family insurance .

(8) The Right Insurance Amount :- One should consider the amount keeping in mind different factors . The younger you are less insured sum you need. Another important things are add ons as they impact premium amounts.

(9) Pre/Post Hospitalization:- Before hospitalization one need to visit the doctor and to have some pre hospitalization check ups. Also post hospitalization the follow ups and medicines . So one should buy an insurance keeping all these things in mind .

(10) Free Medical check -up :- One should look for a policy which insures the person for a free medical check -up

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