Directed by         Mysskin

Produced by      Vishal

Written by          Mysskin


Music by              Arrol Corelli

Cinematography              Karthik Venkatraman



Vishal Film Factory

Distributed by   Madras Enterprises

Release date

14 September 2017

Country                India

Language             Tamil

Thupparivaalan (English: Detective Agent) is a 2017 Indian Tamil-language film written and directed by Mysskin. The film is produced by Vishal, who also stars in the lead role. The film features also features Prasanna, Andrea Jeremiah, Vinay and Anu Emmanuel amongst other actors. The project was launched in March 2016, and was released on 14 September 2017. The film was inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective character, Sherlock Holmes; he has been given the credits in the opening.


Dhivakar (Vincent Asokan) and his family of four are celebrating his birthday on the rooftop of his apartment building. A sudden lightning strike kills him and his son. His wife (Simran) and daughter watch in horror as they are burnt to death.


At a movie theatre a man gropes a woman and a small commotion ensues. The next day, a police officer who was present in the theater dies in the middle of a police conference.


Detective Kaniyan Poongundran (Vishal) who lives with his friend and colleague Manohar (Prasana) is furious that he does not have a case worthy of his mettle. Later, the duo come across Mallika (Anu Emmanuel), and come to know that she was forced into pickpocketing by her uncle. Kani intimates her uncle and then offers to recommend her for a job. Later, a small boy comes to him with a case that his dog was shot dead and asks him to find out who the killer is, giving his saving as fee and the bullet collected from the dog’s body. Kani starts to investigate the case and finds out that the bullet is a 9mm and had entered the dog after ricocheting from another object. He next goes to the crime scene in search of the bullet casing, but finds a tooth instead. He then goes to his house and Kani employs her as his maid. Then he goes to a Dental Hospital and gets the information about the tooth through some statistical analysis. They search for the tooth’s owner as it is an artificial one. Through the address obtained from the hospital they go in search of the possible owners and find the matching person. Then a man named Kamalesh (John Vijay) comes to a travel agency claiming that a sofa arrived and taken inside there are a group of five members Devil (Vinay), Muthu Uncle (Bhagyaraj), Pritha (Andrea), and a bald head man who are believed to be assassins as they are hiding a dead body in their refrigerator. Once the man leaves they take out money from the sofa.


Manohar goes in search of the sixth man Swarnavel to his apartment but his house is closed. When enquired with a neighbour, she tells him that the house has been closed for three days. Then Manohar is being followed by four thugs, he goes to a isolated place where Kani comes for his rescue. The main brat escapes leaving the others back. The escaped thug calls Muthu and asks for advance to which he is said to go to eighth floor of an under construction building, where he is beaten and thrown from to his death. At night both Kani and Mano goes to Swarnavel’s house to seek any evidence’ There Kani finds out that someone’s already been there and taken a book named Lightning Physics which was kept on the table. It is shown that Devil killed Swarnavel and hidden him in the fridge, now bashes him using rug saw. Next day the Police Commissioner and an Inspector comes to Kani’s house to clear a doubt regarding the death of a police officer which Kani brushes off. Suddenly, he along with Mano rushes to Mrs. Dhivakar’s (Simran) house and asks her about her husband’s death to which she tells him that first a sound came and then lightning strikes them. Kani leaves the house and goes to a nearby building which is under construction and asks the security showing Swarnavel’s photo whether he saw him on the accident date, the security replied yes and Kani concludes to Mano that the accident was pre-planned murder as lighting travels faster than sound thus making a fake lightning to kill Dhivakar. This is been overseen by Muthu from a car.


Kani and Mano goes to Dhivakar’s office and enquires with his colleague about the tender which was to be awarded to Dhivakar but went to Ram Prasad. They both go to Ram Prasad’s Office but before they reach him, Ram Prasad leaves the office due to a call from his wife regarding his son missing but later find out that it was a prank call. The duo follow him and try to talk to him over phone but he doesn’t co-operate. Then suddenly the driver starts laughing once he switch on the air purifier and Ram Prasad joins with him, suddenly the driver loses his control and an accident occurs killing both on the spot. It is revealed that Nitrous Oxide has been switched in Air freshener by Muthu’s man. Devil and Muthu go to meet Kamalesh and tells the plan has been failed due to Kani and Kamalesh tells them that he has arranged some goons to kill him, to which they react in displeasure and leave. Kani is invited to a Chineses Restaurent where they plan to kill him, He fights the goons and find out who send them with the help of police, but before they reach him he is killed by Pritha a chase ensures between the three Kani, Pritha and the Bald head man in which the bald head man kills himself while Pritha escapes. Next day in the shopping mall Pritha tries to kill Kani but he survives with small wound leading him to express his love to Mallika. The duo meets the inspector and Commissioner in a hotel where Mano is injected by Muthu and is rushed to hospital and been treated it is been shown that the Police who died first is also dead by this process by Muthu. They raid the Travel Office using the address from theatre and found no one in the house, but they find some books regarding Lightning Physics and a machine which emits lighting artificially. Devil goes to Muthu’s house and kills him to save him. Once the demo for lightning is given Kani receives an SMS stating Your beloved one’s will be killed. He rushes to hospital to see Mano, where he is safe and Mano tells maybe Mallika is in danger, They rush to their home only to find Mallika have been brutally stabbed in her belly and was breathing her last only to give the cell phone to detective Kaniyan (which she took from Devil’s pocket) before she dies.


It is shown that the Inspector is Devil’s man and he confesses the truth that they killed Dhivakar by lightning when his child also was dead at that time Swarnavel was very sensitive and told Devil that he is going to surrender police so they killed him also. Then they go in search of Devil who is hiding in a lake, but he kills the police officers through snipers but Kani kills the snipers and get caught by Devil through the child who gave the case to Kani. Tied with rope Kani tells the truth of Devil about his profession and his home and his mother, dejected Devil tries to stab Kani but Mano has untied him and a fight ensures and finally Kani stabs him and Devil asking sorry to the little boy and falls in the water. Then the boy receives a small puppy from Kani.



Vishal as Kaniyan Poongundran

Prasanna as Manohar

Vinay as John Richardson Holcha/Devil

  1. Bhagyaraj as Muthu

Andrea Jeremiah as Pritha

Anu Emmanuel as Mallika

Shaji Chen as Vijayakumar

Abhishek Shankar as Madhivanan

Simran as Mrs. Dhivakar

John Vijay as Kamalesh

Master Nishesh as Naveen

Jayaprakash as Ram Prasad

Thalaivasal Vijay as Madhavan

Ajay Rathnam as Police Chief

Ravi Mariya as Mallika’s uncle

Vincent Asokan as Dhivakar



Dheeraj Rathnam

Siddharth Venkatesh



In February 2016, Mysskin stopped pre-production on an investigative thriller film starring Sarathkumar and begun working on a film in the same genre for Vishal Film Factory. Starring Vishal in the lead role as a spy, the film was titled Thupparivaalan and was formally launched at a ceremony in Chennai on 10 March 2016. In order to work on the film, Vishal delayed his commitments for Linguswamy’s Sandakozhi 2, while Mysskin put back commitments he had for a new film starring debutants Maitreyan and Tanya Ravichandran. Prior to the start of shoot, Mysskin cast several other leading actors and the film was dubbed by the media to be a “multi-starrer”. Actress Rakul Preet Singh was cast in a leading role, making her comeback to Tamil films after becoming popular in the Telugu film industry. Likewise actors Vinay and Prasanna were signed to portray supporting roles. Veteran director K. Bhagyaraj was also selected to portray a key antagonistic role in the film.


The film began production in Chennai on 26 September 2016 with scenes featuring Vishal and Prasanna being filmed during the first schedule. Soon after the shoot began, Rakul Preet Singh opted out of the film citing scheduling clashes with her commitments for AR Murugadoss’s Spyder (2017), and was replaced by Malayalam actress Anu Emmanuel, who would make her debut in the Tamil film industry. Anu was signed following a test photo shoot in October 2016, where Mysskin asked her to sport a sari. Akshara Haasan was also signed on to portray another pivotal role in the film during the same month and was expected to shoot for the film alongside her commitments in the Ajith Kumar-starrer Vivegam (2017). Akshara later opted out of the project and was replaced in the role by Andrea Jeremiah.


The film’s shoot progressed throughout late 2016 and early 2017 and by May 2017, there were only ten days more of shoot required. Mysskin revealed that he was inspired by the tales of Sherlock Holmes when writing the film and stated Vishal’s character would resemble the detective. Likewise, that Prasanna’s character would be along the lines of Dr. Watson from Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes novels In August 2017, while filming an action scene, Vishal suffered a minor injury on his knee, while Vinay hurt his shoulders. The pair however chose to continue with the shoot to avoid delays.


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