What Know before you buy a Home or office building

Worth of Building cost or Estimation
To know Restriction
To know the  Deal
Utility & Features
To you like the Area/ Road
Is it comfortable
Survey it
Know flooding details
  10.Get a legal agreement/document


Location is more important to buy a home, you should create ideas or plans wher you can buy a home & Future scope of the area.if it is for business check th prospective location’s business value.

Worth of  Building cost or Estimation

Time and money is important to buy a building. Prepare to spend money for home, know the type of expense for your need. Purchasing process you will insure it first. It protects owner and buyer from the loss of property. If you apply any loan from bank you need the title insurance. Utilize and building cost will be expensive, what kind of building you buy  on the look

To know Restriction

You want zoning law for compound wall, sewage plant, septic tank, pipeline, etc,. it is more difficult for home buying and figure out the zoning. Clearly zoned the building area.  You whould aware of the limitations.

To know  the  Deal

You need Preexisting plan for building, building has some restriction and know about that. Set the rules for behavior in the area, and frequently dictate it.

Agreement between owner and buyer, mention all restriction, expose garbage, land use, sounds, etc,.

Utility & Features

Know the utility for your need like electrical power, gas, phone line, pipe line, water, sewage line, well, septic tank, etc,. legal permit to insal septic system and drill wel.

To you like the Area

Many owners make the mistake of buy a building to realize later, don’t like the location or the location is insufficient for parking, educational institutes, travel facilities and neighbor issues. Consired these factors and buy it later.

Is it comfortable

Search some homes for perfect piece, enjoyment, specific limits.

You have to look up attractive place, forest, fountains and awesome look for your building. the neighbor is nearby you, owned private road. Check the power line across the neighbor, consult lawyer with a leagal terms of agreement the easement by legal.

Survey it

First measure or suvey it the boundary map, it is evident for home.

Professional surveyors use to determine and mark the boundary. Investigate the paperworks of home. the survey is outdated and you will get a new survey.which is provide the critical information. cost of survey consider number of facters. Time, size, type of survey, etc,.

Know about the flooding/natural disaster detail

Flooding/ natural disaster is a bad condition for buy home and it will destroy the building, findout the elevation of the building and know about how safe for flood is it?Any flooding/natural disaster chance is there? Require insurance for building,To know about the 2 feature and ready to face it.

Get a legal document

A Building require a legal document or license to build with government zone before starting the construction. The legal permit is necessary for burning, well, etc,. it is to protect your land & home by building codes. Complete all the paper works legal.

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