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Best House Pets

1. Dogs 2. Cats 3. Rabbits 4. Hamsters 5. Birds 6. Lizards 7. Guinea Pigs 8. Ferrets 9. Turtles 10 …
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Elephants raid Agricultural lands in Kodaikanal

The Herd of elephants raided in agricultural lands in Pethuparai area on kodaikanal hill on yesterday, which migarated to kodaikanal …
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Park in Dindigul

3 parks will come in Dindigul, Bhoomi pooja for the construction of park at R.M. Colony in Dindigul on yesterday …
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Wildfire in California

Which tore through canyons & flew over ridges in every direction with astonishing speed, sending flames 80 feet skyward & …
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Save the Birds

Birds Injured by Kite ( Maanja). The Jain Temple Charitable Bird Hospital, opposite the historic Red fort, has been under …
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Fishes are gradually decrease in amount in Adyar Ecopark

All of animals improving diversity in the Adyar Ecopark, the amount of fishes are decreased & the birds also begin …
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Peacock in India

Specification Length: 86 to 120 cm Sex: Male and Female FoodS: Green crops, grains, mammals, insects Identification mark: Fun shped …
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Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park

It consist of 21 small island in indian ocean, The area between Rameshwaram to Tuticorin. The core area which is …
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Guindy National Park

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Indhira Gandhi National Park/ Annamalai National Park

It is one of the best attractive preserve in tamil nadu, resides at Western Ghats. The park is rich in …
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Mukurthi National Park

 It is another major attractive place in nilgris. Resides at southeastern  sides of nilgris, it is 8380 feet above the …
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Mudumalai National Park

                     This park is located at northwestern sides of nilgris …
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Wild Life & Environments