Attractive look


Keep your teeth white






White teeth are a indicator for good health & attractive to others.

So grab whitening strips & say hai to beautiful smile.

Brush & floss twice a day, clean your tongue. It cause bad


Drink water more regularly.


Style your hair









Thick hair is associated with health & vitality, which instantly makes you look better.

Wash your hair on a regular schedule.

Apply miled shampoo

Apply oil on the scalp & massage it.

Change ponytail & fishtail hair styles.

New hair cut

Trim split ends & touch up colors



Spend for skin care









Smooth skin is overall attractive for look best.

Wash your face shower with skincare

Try moisturizer day & night.

Remove blackheads & try mini facials

Enhance with make up









Apply light makeup awesome color with cute look, put on perfume or spray, smell for light super fragrance.

Wear full face makeup


Put Red colors things









Draw red lipstick is looking sexy with red; you should consider red dress to closet.








Our eyes might be two slightly different sizes our mouth little lopsided, our nose little uneven, it’s natural & normal.

 Accentuate your symmetry






When it comes creating illusion of symmetry. Make good eye contact & body language.

 Be Confident






Prove to look best, melt away the in secured feelings like wear

Red dress, pump your hair & look pretty.

Hold your strength

Keep back your shoulders & relax.

Balance your weight with  both legs evenly.




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