Famous Temples Near Tanjore City

Suryanar Temple

uriyanar temple is located 1 km form Thirumangalakkudi , which lies between Kumbakonam and Mayavaram near Tanjavur,Tamil Nadu, India.

The presiding deity here is Suryanarayanaswamy found in a lying posture inside the sanctum with his consorts Sri Usha Devi and Sri Pratyusha Devi.

The temple was built by King Kulothunga Chola I in the year 1100 AD.

An elaborate worship protocol involving circumambulating the entire temple nine times, is prescribed for devotees visiting the temple.

Sooriyanar Kovil faces west and is built in such a way to receive maximum beneficial rays from the planets.



The temple faces towards the west and is constructed in a way so that it can get utmost beneficial rays from the planets. The temple was built in the year 1100 AD, during the reign of King Kulottunga Choladeva. The temple highlights a gigantic tower with 3 tiers and 5 domes at the peak. There is also a holy tank which is known as Surya theertham which can be seen here. Guru Bhagavan is portrayed as worshipping Surya Bhagavan here. Here, it is compulsory that at the first one should worship Shiva (Prananadeswarar) and Parvati (Mangalambigai) at Thirumangalakudi and after that they can offer worship to Suryanarayana and other Navagrahas.


Mahamaham Tank 

Mahamaham Tank is a huge temple tank located in Tanjore city, Kumbakonam district. It is considered to be the foremost and one of the largest temple tanks in Tamil Nadu. The Masimaham festival held in the tank has 0.1 million visitors and the 12 year Mahamaham festival has close to 2 million visitors.







Shiva, in the form of a hunter, broke the pot with an arrow. The pot broke into many parts and scattered around, which became the cause for so many temples in the town – Kumbeswara, Someswara, Kasi Viswanatha, Nageswara, Kamata Viswanatha, Abimukeshwara, Goutameswara, Banapuriswara, Varahar, Lakshminaryana, Sarangapani, Chakrapani and Varadharaja. Astronomically, when the planet Jupiter passes over Leo on the day of the festival, it is believed to bring all water bodies together and enrich the tank with minerals. Similarly, a lake in Kotihar in Jammu and Kashmir gets full supply of water the same day, which otherwise remains empty during the other 11 years. There are 21 wells inside the tank in the shape of small spring wells. Beginning the eastern side of the tank, there are 8 wells in the name of celestial deities namely Indra, Yama, Agani, Ninruthi, Vayu, Kubena and Isana respectively. In between the Vayu and Kubera wells, the ninth well is located called Brahma Theertham. Commencing from the north of Vayu Theertham, and ending to the little east of it, there are nine wells indicating the holy rivers of India, namely the Ganges, Yamuna, Godavari, Narmada, Saraswathi, Kaveri, Tungabatra, Krishna and Sarayu. At the centre of all these exists the Sixty-six crore theertham, believed to be the most sacred of all.


Thirukkarugavur Mullaivananathar Sri Garbharakshaambigai temple



The fame of this temple rests largely upon the Goddess Shri Garbharakshambika (an avatar of Goddess Parvati) who offers protection to, the human embryo. And it is no wonder that this temple draws worshippers from all sects. Pregnant women from elsewhere come here and pray to the God and Goddess for a safe child birth. No one in this place has ever had a miscarriage or pregnancy problem. Thirukarugavur is in Papanasam taluka which is located on Thanjavur (Tanjore) – Kumbakonam road. It can be reached from both Thanjavur and Kumbakonam. Town buses are available from both places to take you to the temple. Papanasam is about 20 kilometers east of Thanjavur Town and at 20 kilometers South west of Kumbakonam, so the distance is almost the same. Pilgrims coming form Madurai, Tiruchi, Coimbatore Salem etc., have to alight at Thanjavur Bus Stand and form there, they can come here by the Town Bus.


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