How To Increase The Speed Of Computer & Laptops

How To Increase The Speed Of Computer & Laptops

Uninstall The Unwanted Softwares

Delete The Unwanted Files in The Drives

Go To Run And Then Type %tmp% Press Enter And select all To Delete.
After Deleting The Tmp File.

Now Going To Delete The Prefetch Files.Before You Must Know

What is Prefetch

Prefetch : Prefetch is a feature, introduced in Windows, that stores specific
data about the applications you run in order to help them start faster.
Prefetch is an algorithm that helps anticipate cache misses (times when Windows
requests data that isn’t stored in the disk cache), and stores that data on
the hard disk for easy retrieval.

Type Prefetch in Run and Select all files to delete. After Deleting The
Prefetch File. Now increase the speed of computer and laptops.


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