Yoga types

November 28, 2017 webzonal 0

              Anusara Anusara is often described as Iyengar (a purist form of yoga) with a sense of humor. Created […]


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Kavuni Rice Black rice is actually more purplish in color than black.Black rice is a great substitute for traditional anti-oxidant rich foods.       […]

Health Benefits of Dates

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Improve Digestion Dates consist of bunch of soluble fibers.  Soluble fiber is essential for good digestion; the potassium found in dates can also treat stomach […]

Health Uses of GINGER

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Immunity Power The immune system is weak in the body, the diet play strong role in strengthening or weakening the immune system. Ginger make clean […]

How to reduce body fat

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Eat low calori meals & Take Low proteins Priority to fruits and vegetables Take diet Take more water in a day Exercise regularly          Reduce stress […]

Iron contaminated foods

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Fruits high in iron Dried Apricot Raisins Persimmons Mulberries Date Prunes Pomogranate Watermelon   Foods high in iron Liver Seafood Chicken breast Brown rise Pumkin […]