Sevalur Bhoominathar Temple






Sevalur , Bhoominathar temple is located in sevalur, Pudukkottai district, Tamil Nadu, India.

The main god is Bhoominathar and Aranavalli ambaal., Sivan Temple. Opening time 6.00 AM to 12.00 AM and 3.00PM to 8.00 PM

Mother Earth has undergone  a cycle of 4 yugas covering billions of years. She took up intense penance in Krutha Yuga, the first of 4 yugas seeking sufficient strength to bear the burden of growing population in the coming yugas. Lord Shiva appeared before Mother Earth & granted Her the boon & said that the penance was adequate to bear the population burden in kaliyuga, She will be able to bear the burden searching for such devotees in many sacred places & prayed Swayambumurthis she met on the way. Sevalur Lord Bhoominathar is one of the Murthys she prayed.





Devotees will be relieved of the fear of earthquake. Prayer to Lord Bhoominatha bring settlements in land disputes. People also pray for remova; of obstacles in carrying out their programmes, delay in construction, low growth in agricultural activities, doshas (sin) afflicted due to cutting of holy and sacred trees as Arasu, Vembu and Banyan and anthills during to constructions and for relief from sins as cheating of temple leases, loss in trade, difficulties in jobs & for remedy from back pain & problems in hip areas.

Bhoominathar is a moolavar god. Here Vasthu Pooja is the best festival . 500 to 1000 year old temple. It is one of the historic temple.


2017  Vasthu dates are below

January 2017

25-01-2017 Wednesday 10.41 AM TO 11.17 AM

March 2017
06-03-2017 Monday 10.32 AM TO 11.08 AM

April 2017
23-04-2017 Sunday 08.54 AM to 09.30 AM

June 2017
04-06-2017 Sunday 09.58 AM to 10.34 AM

July 2017
27-07-2017 Thursday 07.44 AM TO 08.20 AM

August 2017
22-08-2017 Tuesday 07.23 AM TO 07.59 AM

October 2017
28-10-2017 Saturday 07.44 AM to 08.20 AM

November 2017
24-11-2017 Friday 11.29 AM to 12.05 PM


2016 vasthu dates are


Tamil Month

Tamil  Date Day Time
Thai 12 Tuesday 10.41 am to 11.17 am
Maasi 22 Saturday 10.32am to 11.08 am
Sithirai 10 Saturday 8.54 am to 9.30 am
Vaikaasi 21 Friday 9.58 am to 10.34 am
Aadi 11 Tuesday 7.44 am to 8.20 am
Aavani 6 Monday 7.23 am to 7.59 am
Ippasi 11 Thursday 7.44 am to 8.20 am
Karthikai 8 Wednesday 11.29 am to 12.05 am








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