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How To Configure your Microsoft Outlook

[1] Launch Outlook Express [2] Click on Tools menu [3] Click on Accounts [4] Click on mail menu [5] Click ...
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How To Upload Website

Please download ftp software like Filezilla,Cute FTP etc., FILEZILLA:
======= Click on File >> Site Manager
Click on New Site ...
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Ways to take care your family or 5 Love Languages

When love is expressed to us in the way Love languages Physical touch The child has need for hug & ...
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How to attend face to face interview

Face to face interview more advantages than telephone interview, candidates have more opportunities to impress the interviewer with their clothing, ...
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How to get voter ID card online

You are going to take voter ID card in tamil nadu To register voter id card online in tamil nadu ...
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How to archive deep sleep

Sleep distress can alter your levels of thyroid & stress hormones, which play a part in everything from your memory ...
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How to get Google Ad sense Approval for your Blog

Every people monitor their golden time with the help of various resources from internet, The Google AdSense is the best ...
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Prepare a Schedule for Goal

Set up your goal Completion date of your goal Divide into simple and easy steps Arrange the sequence order of ...
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If you forget password, how to format the Samsung Gallexy S5 mobiloe

Step 1: You can sign in your mobile by google account registered on this mobile, you have WiFi that you ...
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how to improve concentration

Take rest or Take breaks Make a Plan or Prioritize tasks Avoid constant sensory input Meditate.The practice of meditation will ...
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How to change the Mobile number, Address in aadhar card by online

  1. Go to uidai website
  2. First step Login with aadhar
  • Enter your aadhar number
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Send ...
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How to apply aadhar card in Online

  1. Go to uidai website
  2. Get the appointment
  3. Enter the informations ( e.name, email, phone number please fill this details ...
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