1.Crying makes you human
The fact that we have the ability of crying says a lot about us. Humans have the need to acknowledge our own emotions to organize our thoughts and contemplate what we really want. We are usually very emotional creatures and no one should look down to those that process their feelings by shedding some tears. The next time you feel the urge to cry, don’t hesitate or feel weak. Crying is good for your health and will help you face what’s making you stressed.

2.Help us recover from grief
Grieving is a difficult process that involvesperiods of sorrow, numbness, guilt and anger. We all have our own way to deal with loss but one thing is for sure: crying helps. Crying can help us drain our stress levels and make us feel better afterwards, even if it’s just a little. Not crying the loss of a loved one can have consequences in a long term period. Humans need to go through the process of grieving in order to heal.

3.It is the first sign of health
the second a baby is taken out of the womb, their first moments on the earth are crucial to determine if their lungs are functioning. Their first cry is a very important one, it is the one that helps the baby adapt to outside world and start breathing on their own. The louder the crying the happier doctors get. Crying is the first thing we did when we born, it marketed our beginning in life.

4.Restore your emotional balance
Not only we experience tears when we are sad, we also cry when we are feeling happy, angry or stressed. Many researchers believe that crying in this wat can help restore the emotional equilibrium that we need to face everyday situations. Crying may be the body’s mechanism to adapt to experiencing such strong emotional or feelings.

5.Attracts support
As I said before, humans are emotional creatures. It is proven that if we didn’t have interpersonal relationships with other people, it could lead us to our own death. Since the beginning of humankind, being a part of a group of other humans meant the difference between survival and extinction.
When people encounter a loved one crying, their first reaction is to comfort them. Feeling supported by people surrounding you can easily improve your mood and spirit. Crying helps you build up your social support network when things get tough.

6. Improves your mood
Besides helping you ease physical and emotional pain, crying, or more specifically, sobbing, can help you lift your spirit. When we sob, we take in quick breaths of air, which can help us quite a lot. Breathing cool air can lower the temperature of the brain, which leads us to see things a little bit clearer.

7. Dulls physical pain
We all have scars in our skin that hide stories from when we were young and spent time in playfields. When kids hurt themselves and cry because “it hurts a lot”, it is considered a childish behavior, but in fact, it is a very good way to reduce the physical pain, of course, kids don’t know this, but our bodies always find the best way to react.
Crying for a long period releases oxytocin and endogenous opioids, otherwise known as endorphins. These feeling-good chemicals can help us ease both emotional and physical pain.

8. Reduces anxiety.
A study made on September 22, 2015, found that one in five 18-34-year-olds admit to having cried in the week before the study because of anxiety. Some women even admitted they tend to hide in bathrooms in their work place when they are feeling anxious. Crying can release our bottled-up emotions that make us feel especially anxious, reducing our anxiety instantly and leading us to feel much better and prepared for the situations we must face.

9. Lowers blood pressure
It appears that crying is able to lower the blood pressure and pulse rate of those who experienced rage or any stressed situation that altered them. Stress hormones accelerate your heartbeat, dilates your pupils and prepares for the challenge, constricting your arteries which leads to high blood pressure. Crying reduces stress, therefore, it also reduces your blood pressure. Keep your heart healthy by shedding some tears for it.

10. Relieves stress
We have all felt the consequences stress can cause in our bodies and mental health, and none of them are nice for us. When we are stressed, our body is filled with different chemicals that affect our mood and the way we feel throughout the day. When we cry, we release said chemicals through tears and we become instantly more relaxed.
So the next time your stress levels are too high, don’t feel weak if your body starts to shed some tears, it is its way of reducing such levels.


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